Missions Link Recap

I created this video to recap an event at Sevier Heights Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN. I attended the event to shoot and then edited the footage afterwards. This was the first time I had filmed something like this for them so I had to figure out what shots were best for this type of video. I tried to get a variety of shots, so that I would have a good amount to choose from for the video to help counter my inexperience shooting an event like this. I also wanted to make sure that I chose a song that fit the mood of the event, so I went with something that was upbeat and happy. There was a lot of footage to sift through, so I had to choose which ones I felt fit the best for the video as well as where the ones that I picked fit the best. Additionally, all the footage was shot in LOG, so I had to do some color correction for each of them to make them look the similar. I ended up having the video change along with the beat all through out. The shots start out changing at a slower pace while the music is calmer, but when the music picks up, the speed that the shots appear on screen increases as well.

About All Things

I created this video to serve as an about video for the t-shirt company that I started with my roommate called All Things. I wanted it to give a brief explanation of what All Things is fo people that may be interested in knowing who they are buying from. I struggled with how the video should flow originally, and I ended up shooting it and sitting down to edit with an entirely different idea than how the video ended up turning out. At first, I was going to have the process that we use to make our shirts in the video with explanation, so I shot the B-Roll footage with that in mind. However, when I started editing I did feel like the video felt professional enough, so I did some more research on short documentaries and about videos and decided to change it. I decided to have to B-Roll footage on screen, while I was talking, so the video would cut back and forth between that to make the video feel more professional. 

Sermon Clip 4/2

I created this video during my internship with Sevier Heights Baptist Church. Every Monday the church posts a Sermon Clip on social media that contains an impactful portion of the sermon that people can share with others. I set up the camera for one of the angles, while the person that I was assisting set up the other. During this sermon series, they added some visual elements to each of the clips from the graphic of the sermon series. As a result, I masked the graphic, which was a stop light, to get the pattern in the corners, added captions that go along with the video, and add a red blur behind the captions. The final video contains all these elements, and I cut the camera angle back and forth at different times to make the clip more engaging for the viewer.

Wednesday Nights

I put together this video during my time as an intern at Sevier Heights Baptist Church. I was tasked with making a hype video for social media to help promote Wednesday nights for the church’s middle school ministry. I picked out the clips the clips and slowed them down for the video. The most difficult part of the process was color correction. The clips were from different nights, and the lighting changes based on the week, so it was a long process to get them all to look similar. In addition, I had to choose a song that fit the upbeat mood and chop it up so that the video fit within the timeframe. I found myself running low on clips to use about half way through when I got the idea to roll pictures on the screen for the second half of the video. The music provides a break around the middle of the song, so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to start using the pictures at that point. I felt that everything came together well with the clips changing on beat and the pictures changing faster to go with the increased speed of the music during the second half of the video.