2D Animation


This video was a part of an assignment to create three different animation videos with one being 2D, one being 3D, and the third being a mixture of both. One of each of the three videos had to demonstrate sharing information about a product, an event, or a concept. This was the 2D video that I made about a concept, which was a food desert. The toughest part of this project was to fit enough information about food deserts within a minute of animation to allow the audience to come away with a solid understanding of what a food desert. I tried to choose the most valuable information about food deserts to include in the video in order to make the most significant impact on the audience as possible. In the end, I feel that I effectively chose the information to include and was able to communicate how important it is that we are aware of the existence of food deserts and the problems that come with them to encourage people to make a difference wherever they can.

Dancing Rotoscope

I created this video in After Effects for a midterm. I was required to utilize the rotoscope feature in After Effects to demonstrate that I had an understanding of how to use it. I had the toughest time coming up with an idea that would be fun to work with, but when I finally decided on a short dancing video I ran into another problem. I had trouble getting the person dancing to rotoscope cleanly, so I had to try different methods and record the video several times until I got it right. I also wanted to go with colors that would fit the fun mood of the dance and make the dancing figure stand out. I ended up settling on purple and yellow with the dancer in white because of the contrast and fun connotation that yellow has. I went with the purple because violets are complimentary to yellows on the color wheel. I also wanted something else happening on the screen along with the dancing, so I decided to animate shapes. I tried different movements with them, but I ultimately decided that the video looked best with the shapes animating with the dancer.

Future of Hope Logo Animation

I was tasked with creating a new logo for the organization Future of Hope, which is based in Knoxville, Tennessee and animating it. I wanted to make sure that the logo animated in a way that was eye catching, while also animating in a way that the audience could tell it was a road. Additionally, I needed it to include some contrasting motion to make it more visually appealing. I decided to animate the two outside lines with strokes of color in the color palette and then a fill one direction, so I could have the double solid lines animate the opposite direction. I went with a fade in for the words so that I did not do too much animation, which could possibly overwhelm the audience.

Turbulence Animation

I completed this animation for a Typeface Composition Project. I was tasked with choosing a word and animating it in a way that characterized its meaning. The most difficult part of this project was selecting a typeface that also characterized the word. I had an idea from the beginning of how I wanted the word to animate, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with the font. After thinking on it, I decided to go with something that looked rough and weathered to signify the disturbance that turbulence causes. While working on it, I found that I needed to have clouds moving by in the background to make the word appear as if it is flying through the air. I ended choosing gray to be the color of the background to make it feel as if there is gloomy weather to provide a reason for there being turbulence in the air. The last thing that I had to do was animate the word in a way that signified its meaning, so I had the word start out moving calmly and then begin shaking while moving around and dropping off the screen at the end.

3D Animation

Doughnut and Coffee

I created this doughnut and coffee for my 3D animation class. It was a project that we worked on throughout the semester. It was my first time working in Blender so I ran into problems not knowing how to do certain things or where to find certain things at times, but I was able to figure them out eventually. The fact that it was a very long process that included a lot of different assets made it difficult as well. Each aspect of the animation had to be created with care. I ended up completing the construction of all the assets and then applying an animation to it at the end. I was a long and difficult process, but I came away with a better understanding of how to use Blender.

3D Logo Animation

I made this for an assignment in my 3D animation class. We had to create a 3D logo and then animate the camera in Blender to move around it. It was difficult to come up with a logo for this since I was not specifically making it to represent anything. I decided to go with a simple logo and choose colors for it that would make it stand out, which led me to choose yellow and black. I also had to figure out how I wanted to animate the camera. I wanted the animation to be interesting but simple to allow the audience to truly focus on the logo. I ended up having the camara move right to frame the logo and then rotate around it to allow the audience to see that it is 3 dimensional.